The Creation Rap

Now God was lonely, and God was bored,
So He said, “I know! I'll make a world!”

Now all was dark, so He said, “All right,
First thing we do is make some light.”

“And then,” He said, “I really oughtta
Make something out of all this water.”

So He kept some wet and He made some dry,
The wet was sea, the dry was sky.

“Now,” said God, “Let's have some land,
Rock and mountain, mud and sand,

“And now there's room for vegetation,
Let's get going on cultivation!”

And then He said, “Let's have some fun!
I'll make the moon, the stars, the sun -

“And they can shine on living things -
Fish in the water, birds with wings -

“Spider, insect, kangaroo,
All animals and humans too.”

“It's good,” said God, “In fact, it's best!”
And He smiled, and said, “Today, I'll rest.”

By Nicola Bloom
For St Pancras Messy Church at Arlington

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