Saving Berwick

The Bloomsbury paintings at Berwick, all painted on war-time plasterboard panels, are now in urgent need of conservation if they are not to deteriorate beyond recognition.

Our Saving Berwick project will:

  • Conserve the paintings, ensuring this national treasure is protected in the very long-term
  • Adapt and improve the church to provide a fit-for-purpose environment for the paintings and for people
  • Provide new interpretation of these unique works of art for our visitors – both in the church and online
  • Develop the church’s vision of providing support to those in need, through offering solace and respite in this peaceful and inspiring place
  • Run new artistic, educational and creative projects available for all, with our local partners
  • Establish an endowment – 10% of our campaign target – to support ongoing maintenance and activities

We have the opportunity to apply for significant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund if we can raise £200,000 before November 2018.

Every pound brings us a step closer to our goal. Please support the Berwick Appeal today!

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Mural deterioration plate berwick church conservation
Vanessa Bell’s “Nativity” showing signs of paint loss